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Quality Horse Barns

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The Best Investment for Any Horse Lover

At Pine Creek Structures, we understand that horses are more than a hobby. They're a Way of Life. Our Amish craftsmen are part of a tradition that has been raising and caring for horses for decades. Who better to build your Horse Barn, then men who work with, depend on, and understand the needs of horses on a daily basis!

Not only will your Horse Barn look great, but it will be designed and built to meet your personal needs and the needs of your horses. You can customize your horse barn to create virtually any layout, combining run-ins, tack rooms, and enclosed horse stalls.


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Run-In Barns

Run-In Horse Barns provide shelter for your animals from snow, wind, rain, and extreme sun. These barns provide year round protection for horses, ponies, or other livestock. Run-In Barns have many uses beyond the basic animal shelter. Store hay or farm equipment... or even firewood! These structures are truly versatile! Choose from a variety of sizes and styles.


mushroom stained board 'n' batten run-in horse barn

10 x 14 Run-In Barn

Includes (1) Run In Area. Shown with Mushroom stained Board & Batten siding, and Barkwood shingles.

10 x 24 Run-In Barn

Includes (2) Run In Areas with optional gable endvents and drop vent. Shown with Tan Board & Batten siding, Green trim, and Pewter Gray shingles.

10 x 30 Run-In Barn

Includes (3) Run In Areas with optional 4' overhang. Shown with unfinished Board & Batten siding and Shakewood shingles.

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Enclosed (Shed Row) Barns


Enclosed Barns are perfect for warm climates and areas with limited space. Use it in your own backyard, at the track, or as a training barn. You can even add a tack room to store all your gear! With an added overhang you can designate a space to clean equipment, tack up, or stack hay. An overhang also provides protection from the harsh elements. Enclosed Horse Barns are well ventilated and allow horses see each other while being kept separate.

10 x 16 Enclosed Barn

Includes (1) Stall, (1) Tack Room, and (1) Window with optional gable endvents and cupola with horse weathervane. Shown with Tan Board & Batten siding, Green trim, and Hunter Green shingles.

12 x 24 Enclosed Barn

Includes (2) Stalls  and (2) Windows. Shown with clear stained Board & Batten siding and Charcoal shingles.

12 x 32 Enclosed Barn

Includes (2) Stalls, (1) center Tack Room, and (2) Windows with optional gable endvents and 4' overhang. Shown with Natural stained Board & Batten siding and Fox Hollow Gray shingles.

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Combination Horse Barns

Get the best of both worlds! Combine a Run-In with an Enclosed Barn for a truly versatile structure. Combination Horse Barns allow you to combine ample storage room with protective shelter! Add tack rooms, dividers, stalls, and more! Give yourself the capacity of a shed, and the space of an enclosed row barn. How convenient!


10 x 20 Combination Barn

Includes (1) Run-In Area and (1) Tack Room with optional drop vent. Shown with unfinished Board & Batten siding and Pewter Gray shingles.

10 x 22 Combination Barn

Includes (1) Stall, (1) Run-In Area, and (1) Window with optional gable endvents . Shown with clear stained Board & Batten siding and Weathered Wood shingles.

10 x 32 Combination Barn

Includes (1) Stall, (1) Run-In Area, (1) Tack Room, and (1) Window with optional gable endvents, cupola, and 4' overhang. Shown with Natual stained Board & Batten siding and Williamsburg Slate shingles.

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Lean-To Horse Barns

lean-to horse barn

Shelter yourself and your animals Lean-To Horse Barns not only provide shelter, but comfort too! With additional shelter you can work under a roof to stay out of rough elements!


Overhangs provide safety, freedom, and they're so convenient. Give your horses the freedom to turn-out without exposing them to harsh elements.


Lean-To Barns available in 8-foot, 10-foot, and 12-foot.

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Large Barns (Modular & Monitar Barns)


Large two story horse barn with red metal roof and weathervance

large red and white horse barn

horse stalls inside large horse barn

Looking for a larger Horse Barn? Depending on your needs, we can build a modular barn, deliver and assemble it, or build right on your site. 


Large Monitar Horse Barns can be built with a raised center isle or a second story. This provides significant ventilation, extra lighting, and a protected area from bad weather to care for your horses.


Customized your barn to fit YOUR needs... We can provide a safe, attractive, and comforatable home for animals.

Talk to your local sales location manager about how to customize a barn for YOUR needs.

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Horse Barn Options

If you can dream it, we can build it! Customizaton is key when building your barn.


Add vents, skylights, hayracks, LVL headers, chewguards, hurricane clips, floor-to-ceiling kickboards, additional doors & windows, shutters, sliding doors, transom windows, ramps, cupolas, weather vanes, electrical outlets, lights, feed chesters, wall cabinets, sadddle & harness cabinets, and more! Explore ALL the possibilites.


Talk to your local sales location manager about how to customize a barn for YOUR needs.


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Features & Benefits

Delivered fully finished, ready to use. Built to your specifications and color choices. Discover The Value!


Standard Horse Barns Include:

  • Pressure treated 6x6 timbers for base of building and at bottom of all partitions
  • Roof rafters spaced 16'' on center
  • 30-year architectural shingles
  • Walls include 2x4 oak braces and horizontal members
  • Stalls lined with 4' 1x8 oak kickboard to protect the sides from being damaged by horses
  • Partition walls constructed with oak (same as interior walls) and include metal powder coated divider grid on top
  • Open floor except tack rooms. Tack room floors include 2x6 pressure treated joists, 16'' on center, and 5/8'' underlayment on top of floor joist.
  • Windows include heavy duty powder coated grill to protect against breaking from inside
  • Doors include 20'' heavy duty strap hinges and horseshow latches

Click here to see Horse Barn siding and roofing color options.


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